How Towing Race Cars Works

This is race car driver Juan Montoya's trailer. Yours probably won't be as flashy.
This is race car driver Juan Montoya's trailer. Yours probably won't be as flashy.
Marcos Townsend/AFP/Getty Images

Anyone who owns a race car knows that one of the hardest parts of racing is getting the car to the track. Unless you live around the corner from the venue where you'll be racing, you probably don't want to put wear and tear on your expensive race car by driving to a race. You can't simply get inside the car, step on the accelerator and head to the track. You need some other means of transporting it. There are plenty of alternative methods of automotive transportation -- trains, boats, even airplanes -- but most are prohibitively expensive, especially for the race car driver on a budget. The cheapest and easiest way to move a race car without driving it is to put it in a trailer and tow it. But this raises a number of questions. What sort of trailer do you need? What kind of tow vehicle do you need? And how do you use these things once you have them?

We can't tell you what the best vehicle is for towing your race car or what the best trailer is to haul it in, because this depends on precisely what your needs are. There are forums on the Internet where you can ask specific questions from people with lots of towing experience (we'll point you to one of these in the Lots More Information page at the end of this article), but for the most part we can suggest only some rules of thumb. And we'll discuss your options for making the trip to the race track as easy, painless and safe as possible.

Now let's look at some rules you can use to decide what kind of trailer you'll need for your race car.