How the Audi R8 Works

Image Gallery: Exotic Cars The Audi R8 is about half the price of most exotic supercars. See more pictures of exotic cars.
Audi of America

It's tough to find someone who wouldn't like an exotic supercar. Even if you don't know much about cars, you'd probably enjoy the envious looks as you cruised down the street ensconced in the coddling cabin inside a futuristic automotive shell. And if you had the chance to open the throttle, to feel those 400-odd horses take off while the car clings to the curves -- well, you don't need to be a car enthusiast to appreciate that.

Now, imagine you could have all that at about half the price of most exotics. You just imagined the Audi R8.

Sure, the R8 still runs you more than $100,000 -- but considering that most exotics start at about $200,000, by shelling out $114,000 for the base R8, you're saving money. Right?

The R8 is the marquee car from German car maker Audi, which has recently been enjoying a successful sales run, even in the recent economic downturn. That's due in part to the halo effect of the R8, a supercar built to showcase the best of what Audi, and its parent company Volkswagen, can do.

VW owns a controlling stake in Audi, and in Lamborghini, the vaunted Italian supercar company. By combining Audi's first-class designs with Lamborghini performance parts, Audi has made the R8 capable of straddling the line between high-priced supercar and luxurious daily driver. In essence, the Audi R8 gets you Lamborghini-like performance at Porsche 911 Turbo prices, plus one of the most admired exterior designs in the industry. When you add in Audi living up to its reputation of building what some consider to be the finest automotive interiors in the world, it's not surprising that the R8 is quickly becoming the smart car to drool over.

Keep reading to learn the more about the Audi R8 -- including its famous Quattro all-wheel drive system and Lamborghini engines.