10 Motorcycle World Records

Fastest Motorcycle in the World
Rocky Robinson poses with the motorcycle in which he reached a record 376 miles per hour. © 2013 John Slebenthaler/“Rocky Robinson Piloted Ack Attack Streamer”/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Motorcycles are so thrilling in part because when you're riding a bike, it feels like you're going faster than you are. You're connected to every bump, curve and bank in the road. You're out in the wind, exposed to the elements.

Unless you're going for a land speed record. Then you're likely to be inside a motorcycle that, to be honest, looks more like a hot dog than a bike.

That's the case Rocky Robinson found himself in when he set the world record for speed on a motorcycle at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. On Sept. 25, 2010, Robinson rode his Top Oil-Ack Attack motorcycle into the history books at a blistering 376.363 miles per hour (605.697 kph) [source: Guinness World Records]. It's a good thing he was in an enclosed motorcycle, because good luck picking the bugs out of your teeth after that.

Robinson is no stranger to setting speed records. He has actually broken the land speed record on a motorcycle twice before, and he set all of his records in the span of four years.