10 Motorcycle World Records

Longest Wheelie on a Motorcycle
A motorcyclist does a wheelie. In 1991, Yasuyuki Kudo (not pictured) set a world record for longest wheelie on a motorcycle. JOE KLAMAR/AFP/Getty Images

Doing a wheelie on a motorcycle is a risky stunt, but it also looks wicked cool and will impress everyone you know — think of how awesome it would be to bust out at your next block party. Wait, no, don't listen to us. Do not try to do a wheelie yourself. You'll probably fall on your rear end and wreck your bike. While doing a wheelie looks cool, learning how to do one generally makes most people look pretty stupid.

You'll look especially stupid doing a wheelie next to Yasuyuki Kudo, who holds the world record for the longest motorcycle wheelie. While most people are yelling for someone to hold their beer, Kudo gets down to business. In 1991, he did a 205.7-mile (331-kilometer) wheelie at the Japan Auto Research Institute [source: Fivella]. Considering most motorcycle riders need a coffee break after 100 miles (161 kilometers) or so in the saddle, Kudo's record is an impressive feat of endurance, skill and general toughness.