10 Motorcycle World Records

Highest Altitude Reached by Motorcycle
A motorcyclist traverses mountainous terrain in Nepal. The North Calcutta Disha Motorcycle Club holds the record for highest altitude reached by motorcycle. © Michel Gounot/Godong/Corbis

You can get to a pretty high altitude by plane or helicopter, but that's way too easy. Walking, on the other hand, is way too hard. What's a semi-lazy record setter to do, especially if riding a mountain goat isn't up your alley? Get on a motorcycle, of course.

That's just what six members of the North Calcutta Disha Motorcycle Club did. They saddled up and rode 20,488 feet, 9 inches (6,245 meters) up the Changchemno Mountain Range near Marsemikla, India. Every member of the group rode on a Honda Hero. To prove they really did it, their claim was validated by GPS records and the Indian Border patrol [source: Guinness World Records].

Not only did the group have to contend with less-than-optimal roads, but they also had to deal with the shortcomings of motorcycle engines. Given how thin air is at higher altitudes and how temperamental most motorcycle engines can be about getting the right air and fuel mixture, this is an incredibly impressive achievement and much more challenging than riding a motorcycle up any hill you've ever encountered.