10 Motorcycle World Records


Longest Continuous Hands-free Motorcycle Ride

A rider for a stunt team performs hands-free tricks on his motorcycle. Marcello Sarandrea (not pictured) set the record for the longest hands-free motorcycle ride. © Steve Storey/Demotix/Corbis
A rider for a stunt team performs hands-free tricks on his motorcycle. Marcello Sarandrea (not pictured) set the record for the longest hands-free motorcycle ride. © Steve Storey/Demotix/Corbis

When most of us think of doing things hands-free, we're thinking about talking on the phone in our cars or shouting instructions at Siri or Cortana. While modern technology hasn't quite delivered on the promise of easy-to-use hands-free gadgets, it's certainly easier to make a hands-free phone call than it is to ride a motorcycle with no hands. (You can insert your own obligatory "look ma!" joke here.)

The longest continuous motorcycle ride with no hands lasted for 222 kilometers, or 137.94 miles. The feat was accomplished by Marcello Sarandrea, an Italian man [source: Guinness World Records]. What's impressive about this record is not that he rode a motorcycle with no hands for almost 138 miles, but that he did it in Rome, Italy. Rome is not known as a city where it's easy to drive a car, let alone a motorcycle with no hands. We should give Mr. Sarandrea a round of applause. He'll probably join in — goodness knows he's probably not using his hands to steer his bike.

Author's Note: 10 Motorcycle World Records

The most surprising thing I learned in researching this is just how many motorcycle world records are held by people from India. As an American, it's easy to think that with our Marlon Brando motorcycle-cool biker aesthetic, we own the motorcycle and all the daring feats that go with it (Evel Knievel comes to mind). In much of the rest of the world, however, motorcycles aren't accessories or playthings — they're vital means of transport. When you think about it that way, some of these records aren't so surprising.

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