10 Motorcycle World Records

Longest Time Balancing a Motorcycle on One's Head
Gerard Jessie balances a motorcycle on his head. © 2015 Record Setter

Proper headgear for safely riding a motorcycle is a helmet. But what's proper headgear for safely balancing a motorcycle on your head? Well, that's still open for debate. It's a question that most people haven't considered, but then again, most people aren't trying to set the world record for balancing a motorcycle on their head. Most people aren't so daring.

If you're Gerard Jessie, the only headgear you need for balancing a motorcycle on your head is the motorcycle itself. According to Record Setter, Jessie holds the current world record for balancing a motorcycle on a person's head. In the video of the feat, Jessie balances a small motorcycle on his head for 14.93 seconds. You might think a less-than-15-second balancing act sounds underwhelming, but remember that even the lightest bikes weigh about 300 pounds (136 kg). Want to take Jessie on? Start working on building those neck muscles and finding friends who don't mind if you drop their bikes.