Cruising Low and Slow: 10 Great Lowriders


2007 Toyota Camry

A 2007 Toyota Camry
A 2007 Toyota Camry
AP Photo/Paul Sancya

Not all lowriders are classic American metal. And as lowriders became mainstream, they became popular in other countries as well, including Japan. So it makes perfect sense that Toyota, one of Japan's preeminent car makers, would want to celebrate 50 years in the United States with an anniversary edition Toyota Camry lowrider.

To get it done , Toyota had Lowrider Magazine completely customize the car, adding bright orange paint, a two-tone interior and, of course, a lowered suspension. Japanese and other import cars are slowly gaining ground in lowriding circles. While most Japanese cars are modified for performance, lowriding an import means adding lots of sound equipment and converting the interior from that of a basic commuting car to that of a luxury cruising machine. In addition to custom upholstery, Japanese lowriders also typically sport custom seats and dashes along with a couple of key features that can't be left out of any lowrider -- flashy wheels and an in-the-dirt stance.

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