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Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuels include biodiesel and hydrogen. Alternative fuels are important because they could eventually provide us with a cheaper, cleaner, and more abundant source of fuel. Check out these great alternative fuel articles from HowStuffWorks.

How Biodiesel Works

Soybean byproducts are nutritious and healthy. They can also power a car. Find out how soybean and other plant oils as well as animal fats are used to create the environmentally friendly fuel biodiesel.

Is ethanol really more eco-friendly than gas?

Ethanol facts help sort out which is better, ethanol or gas? Learn about ethanol facts, and find out if ethanol is more eco-friendly than gas. See more »

How Clean Diesel Fuel Works

Diesel fuel is losing its dirty image. Find out about clean diesel fuel, otherwise known as ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD). See more »

How E85 Ethanol Flex Fuel Works

Learn what E85 is and why some people believe this alternative fuel has the potential to reduce our nation's dependence on foreign oil. See more »

How Natural-gas Vehicles Work

A natural-gas vehicle, or NGV, is fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and offers a relatively low cost of ownership. Learn about the basic idea of NGVs and the advantages and benefits of this technology. See more »

How Liquefied Petroleum Gas Works

You probably know it as the stuff that fuels a gas grill or a Zippo lighter, but that's just the beginning. People are modifying cars to run on the stuff. Learn all about liquefied petroleum gas. See more »

Alternative Fuel

Check out these articles to learn all about the growing technology of alternative fuel. See more »

How Biodiesel Works

Biodiesel turns biodegradable fats and oils into an alternative fuel for your car. Learn about biodiesel components, biofuel history and biodiesel pros and cons. See more »

How much corn would I need to fuel a cross-country trip with ethanol?

I've heard that it's possible to build a car engine to run off of ethanol, a byproduct of corn. How much corn would I need to grow in order to produce enough ethanol fuel to drive my car across the country? See more »

When people refer to "nitro-burning funny cars" and "top-fuel dragsters," what are they talking about? What is "top fuel," and how is it different from gasoline? See more »

How Fuel Cells Work

Why are governments, private businesses and academic institutions collaborating to research, develop and produce fuel cells? Learn how fuel cells work and how efficient they really are. See more »