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Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuels include biodiesel and hydrogen. Alternative fuels are important because they could eventually provide us with a cheaper, cleaner, and more abundant source of fuel. Check out these great alternative fuel articles from HowStuffWorks.

What are the dangers of hydrogen-powered vehicles?

What are some of the chemical dangers that might be associated with hydrogen-powered vehicles? Read about the hydrogen-powered vehicle dangers. See more »

10 Alternative Fuel Ideas That Never Made It Out of the Lab

You might be surprised by some of the alternative fuel solutions mentioned in this article. Read about ten somewhat odd alternative fuel solutions. See more »

What's the difference between a fuel cell vehicle and a hydrogen-on-demand vehicle?

A major hurdle to hydrogen-as-car-fuel is the public perception that hydrogen cars are unsafe. Read this article to find out if hydrogen cars are safe. See more »

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Pictures

Alternative fuel vehicle pictures has images of different kinds of vehicles that run on alternative fuels like natural gas and compressed air. See more »

The Fuel Cell Quiz

Looking for a cheaper way to fuel your car? How about a fuel cell? Take this fuel cell quiz to learn about fuel cells and whether you should use them. See more »

Can a car run on nuclear power?

Is it possible to make a nuclear-powered car? Learn more about the first nuclear powered car and how we can use nuclear power plant technology. See more »

Is hydrogen fuel dangerous?

Hydrogen fuel is an attractive alternative fuel source. Learn about hydrogen fuel and the dangers of the element, including the Hindenburg disaster story. See more »

What if I put diesel fuel in an automobile that required unleaded fuel only?

Diesel fuel in an unleaded engine wouldn't work because the diesel fuel won't burn in an unleaded fuel engine. Learn about diesel fuel. See more »

Grassoline: Can we fuel cars with grass?

Grassoline for fuel is a concept that is under development in the ongoing search for an alternative to oil. Learn about the concept of grassoline. See more »

Could salt water fuel cars?

Salt water fuel could be the next viable alternative to foreign oil. Learn about the ongoing research behind the concept of salt water fuel. See more »