Top 10 Reasons Your Car Is Vibrating


Low Profile or Low Rolling Resistance Tires

Tires are often the cause of your car's moving vibrations, so the next two pages will examine different tire problems and how they can affect the way your car runs.

Low rolling resistance tires, also known as low-profile tires, are becoming increasingly common along with the rise in hybrid cars and EVs. These tires reduce drag and resistance, which in turn boosts the EPA fuel economy rating, a critical measure for these types of vehicles, particularly from a marketing standpoint. However, low rolling resistance tires are harder than most drivers are used to, and simply aren't pleasant to drive on because they don't absorb much of the road's imperfections.

Even though they're also referred to as low-profile tires, that term can be confusing because the "low profile" may also be attributed to other performance tires. In either case, you're looking at tires that have less material, or harder material, and therefore tires that are less able to absorb bumps, pits and texture on the road.

If your car is equipped with low-profile or high-performance tires, that could be the source of your vibration problem. However, it's best to eliminate other potential causes.