Top 10 Reasons Your Car Is Vibrating


Bad Tires

bald tires car vibrating
Uneven wear on tires can significantly contribute to vibrations in your car's ride. Seraficus/Getty Images

Old, dry, bald or worn-out tires are a very common source of excessive road vibration. The tires are the only part of your car that actually make contact with the road, and they're known for having a relatively short lifespan.

The full list of ways in which tire issues can contribute to your vehicular shake, rattle and roll is a long one. But here are just some of the major ones:

  • Tires have separated tread — requires tire replacement
  • Uneven tire wear — requires tire rotation
  • Tires are "out of round" and roll unevenly — requires tire replacement
  • Tire pressure is too low — requires top-off
  • Tires are old — requires tire replacement

Also, keep in mind that these 10 reasons your car is vibrating aren't the only possible culprits. When in doubt, it's always a good idea to see an automotive service professional. For more information about diagnosing car problems and other related topics, follow the links below.

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