Top 10 Green Driving Tips

Green Driving Tip 1: Telecommuting

Think of all the gas (and time) you could save by telecommuting, or working from home.
Think of all the gas (and time) you could save by telecommuting, or working from home.
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If taking one day off from commuting per week is a good thing, taking five days off is even better. Telecommuting, or working from home, is growing in popularity. While not every job advocates telecommuting (you probably wouldn't want your dentist to do it), many workers can do their jobs with just a computer and a high-speed Internet connection.

There are a number of different approaches to working from home. Some workers do it full-time, while others do it a few days a week per month. It's easy to think of telecommuters goofing off at home in their pajamas while everyone else is hard at work, but a number of companies have found that telecommuters actually are more productive than office workers because they have fewer interruptions and less stress [source: The TeleWork Coalition].­

­The savings of telecommuting are potentially huge. Even if people who are able to telecommute did so less than two days a week, 1.35 billion gallons of fuel could be could be saved [source: Green Car Congress]. The potential savings to businesses is great too: They would have lower energy costs and happier workers and have to supply less office space. Best of all, because less energy would be used powering offices and less gas would be used commuting, the environmental benefits would be enormous. The benefits of telecommuting show that the best green driving tip is not to drive at all.

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