Top 10 Green Driving Tips

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David S. Allee/Stone/Getty Images

There are lots of ways to stay on a budget. Clipping coupons and waiting for sales are good ways to stretch your dollar, but let's face it: Gas will likely never go on sale. While some stations offer gas coupons or promotions, they're usually too small to really make a dent in anyone's driving budget. If gas stations aren't going to put gas on sale, you'll have to.

No, that doesn't mean you need to start selling gas at a discount. But by modifying some of your driving habits, you can increase your fuel efficiency and use less gas, bringing the cost down. So how much can you save? With the simple green driving tips we've compiled here, you could increase your fuel economy (and savings) by up to 47 percent. And if you want to decrease your fuel consumption ev­en mo­re, you can make some of the lifestyle changes that we've also listed.

The other benefit of cutting back on gas? It's better for the environment. Better fuel economy means less pollution emitted by cars and less dependence on foreign sources of oil. That's why these driving tips are doubly green: green for the planet and green in your wallet. Find out more on the next page.