How to Adjust Your Mirrors to Minimize Your Blind Spot

Author's Note

No one ever gives a second thought to adjusting their mirrors, or that there might be a right way, or a better way, to do it. I didn't -- until I nearly swerved into a state trooper who was cruising along in my blind spot on a lonely highway. (Don't you hate those people? No, not cops -- I mean the people whose speed nearly matches yours, so they hover in your blind spot for miles. Just pass me already!)

Anyway, I nearly met the trooper's front fender with my rear quarter panel, then swerved back into my lane. I over-corrected and ended up spraying a little of the gravel on the shoulder of the road into the trees that lined the highway. No harm, no foul, luckily for me, but I did take the time to learn where to put my mirrors after that. I'm also an obsessive over-the-shoulder blind-spot checker, which they tell me isn't necessary if you do the mirrors right, but now I'm spooked. I mean, it was a state trooper.

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