Top 10 Causes of Car Fires

For an arsonist, it's pretty simple to set a car on fire; however, doing it without being detected is the real challenge. (Creative Commons/Flickr/laszlo-photo)

Arson -- the criminal act of setting a fire. Now, why would anyone deliberately set a car on fire, anyway? It could be to cover up a theft, or to cover up the evidence of another crime. It could be old fashioned vandalism, too, wrecking something just for the sake of wrecking it. Or it could be insurance fraud. And there are probably several more reasons, but that's best left to the criminal masterminds. It's worth noting that it's pretty easy to set a car on fire -- perhaps doing it without being detected is a challenge, but actually igniting a car blaze is simple. An arsonist can use any combination of catalysts, causes on this list (and more) to start the fire -- and a skilled auto arsonist can sometimes get away with it, too. After all, the physical evidence is a smoldering mess. We aren't advocating this by any means, but we are saying that an arsonist is yet another reason your car might be ablaze.