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Several NASCAR rule changes were made for an unpredictable and exciting 2000 NASCAR season. Future superstars Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Matt Kenseth made their first starts in the Winston Cup series. Get the stats on each race with our 2000 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

During the 1951 NASCAR Grand National season NASCAR gained support from virtually all the American automakers as they sponsored drivers to compete. Get the results from the 41 races of the 1951 NASCAR Grand National season.

The 1976 NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National featured some spectacular finishes. At the Daytona 500 Richard Petty and David Pearson battled for the lead on the last lap only to wreck in Turn 4. See all race results for the 1976 NASCAR Winston Cup series.

The 1952 NASCAR Grand National season provided plenty of excitement as Hudson dominated over other automakers by winning 27 of the 34 races. Get the results for all 34 of the races in the 1952 NASCAR Grand National season.

Richard Petty set a record in the 1977 NASCAR season for winning at least one race every year for 18 years. The 1977 Winston Cup season was dominated by driver Cale Yarborough. See the results from all 30 races in the 1977 NASCAR Winston Cup series.

Television rating were steadily climbing and ABC Sports decided to broadcast the Daytona 500 live for the fifth time. The 1978 NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National title went to Cale Yarborough for the third straight year. See all race results for the 1978 NASCAR here.

NASCAR heated up the drama in the 1953 NASCAR Grand National race with its first two-time champ, Herb Thomas, and new records. See the full results of each of the 37 races in the 1953 NASCAR Grand National season.

In the 1954 NASCAR Grand National season competition was fierce as automakers like GM, Ford, and Chrysler began to develop more powerful engines. View the full results of the 37 races in the 1954 NASCAR Grand National season.

The 1979 NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National series showcased champion Darrell Waltrip and rookie Dale Earnhardt. The Daytona 500 ended with a fist fight after Cale Yarborough and Donnie Allison wrecked each other on the last lap. See the 1979 NASCAR results here.

The pivotal 1955 NASCAR Grand National season featured a no-holds-barred competition between automakers. See the winners and view the results of all 45 races from the 1955 NASCAR Grand National season.

Tim Flock was the youngest member of one of the first famous NASCAR families. Flock's older brothers Bob and Fonty and his sister Ethel all drove in NASCARS Strictly Stock and Grand National competitions. Learn about the life and racing career of Tim Flock.

Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt battled for dominance in 1994, but Earnhardt reigned supreme. Even though Wallace won twice as many races, Earnhardt's consistency paid off. Get details with our 1994 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

In his third season, young NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon became a first-time Winston Cup champion. Gordon battled seasoned veterans to win the championship by 34 points. Review the season's races with our 1995 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

Although Jeff Gordon had a great season, Terry Labonte came away with the 1996 Winston Cup. Labonte posted the same number of top five and top ten finishes as Gordon, but he prevailed by 39 points. Relive the races with our 1996 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

Jeff Gordon proved victorious again in the 1997 NASCAR Winston Cup season, racking up ten wins, including the Daytona 500. Get details on each of the races with our 1997 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

Jeff Gordon logged 13 wins in the 1998 NASCAR Winston Cup season to tie Richard Petty's record. But the story of the season happened when Dale Earnhardt finally won the Daytona 500 after 20 attempts.

This season was marked with the loss of NASCAR founder Bill France when he died at the age of 82. In the end, the 1992 NASCAR Winston Cup season ended with Alan Kulwicki's first-time win. Review the season race by race with our 1992 NASCAR results.

Even Rusty Wallace's late-season rally could not beat Dale Earnhardt's dominance in 1993. Tragedy struck the NASCAR world this season when Alan Kulwicki, the previous year's winner, died in a plane crash. Review all the results for the 1993 NASCAR Winston Cup season.

The Winston of 1987 is still regarded as one of the most spectacular thrill shows in NASCAR Cup Series history. Dale Earnhardt dominated the season and walked away with his third championship. Follow the action with a 1987 NASCAR recap.

The 1988 NASCAR Winston Cup season featured daring maneuvers and terrifying crashes. Trace the exhilarating 1988 Winston Cup campaign, from season highlights to final standings, with plenty of pictures to follow the action.

NASCAR's popularity was skyrocketing during the 1989 NASCAR Winston Cup season and the races didn't disappoint. Get all the details on these events and more from the 1989 NASCAR season -- as well as the final standings in this 1989 recap.

The 1990 NASCAR Winston Cup season was energized by a group of new young drivers. Get all the details on these events and more from the 1990 NASCAR season -- as well as the final standings in this 1990 NASCAR Winston Cup highlights.

The 1978 NASCAR Winston Cup season was filled with impressive races including the hotly contested Talladega 500. Check out the season highlights, final standings, and, of course, plenty of pictures of the action.

The 1961 NASCAR Grand National champion Ned Jarrett won only one race during the season. As Pontiac took the winner's circle more frequently, their car sales also made a brisk increase. See the 1961 NASCAR events standings and photos here.

Fonty Flock participated in NASCAR's first season and quickly distinguished himself as a fan favorite. He was intelligent and one of the few drivers who felt comfortable with media interviews. Learn about the life and career of Fonty Flock.