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United States Super Truck Racing
It's possible that super truck racing may return to the United States.
It's possible that super truck racing may return to the United States.
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Will super trucks roar in the U.S. again? Yes, the potential is there to resurrect the sport. Carl Brookfield said America was a big nut to crack; even famous European singers have a hard time making it to super stardom here in the States. And just try doing it by shipping 20 trucks from Europe to the United States to compete in a series that very few Americans are even aware of.

"It's difficult," Brookfield said. "But some of the truck racers go to China and drive in local events, they just use local trucks, and that may be an option. But the two-week shipping time for a truck to get to the United States would leave a big hole in the racing calendar."

Stuart Oliver is in agreement with Ryan in that the sport would be possible, and profitable, if grown correctly. "It's just a case of promoting circuit track racing to the U.S. road transport industry," Oliver said. "Truck racing could be used in the U.S. the same as in Europe -- as an excellent brand and product exposure platform for the U.S. truck manufacturing industry."

For Ryan, who drove in many of the STRANA demos and races, this would be a change he could definitely live with. "It's just a lot of fun," he said.

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