Protective Towing Equipment

Protective towing equipment can save your vehicle or towed object from damage. Learn about all of the different types of protective towing equipment to make sure that you're towing in the safest possible manner.

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Outdoor enthusiasts love towing, RVing, and camping with 5th wheel set-ups. But what is a 5th wheel, exactly? Read on to find out how this hitching mechanism can be easily installed and used!

By Jamie Page Deaton

If your trailer is losing air in its tires, you need to know right away -- that's where towing monitoring systems come in.

By Christopher Lampton

When you're towing your boat, you'll want the other drivers to see your turn signal when you veer down Lake Road. So get those taillights on your trailer working.

By Charles W. Bryant


You can't trust your trailer and all the stuff in it to a simple padlock.You need something better-suited for the job. But what's so different about towing locks?

By John Fuller

Sightseeing in your RV is a great way to spend a vacation. But when you step on the brakes, what's going to stop that car you're towing behind you?

By John Fuller

Sometimes a vehicle may get so stuck you can't tow it out easily. Your vehicle's tow hooks may be the key. But isn't that dangerous? How do you use them safely?

By John Fuller

Malfunctioning turn signals on your trailer may cause an accident. Wiring can be a real headache --what's the best way to track down the source of an electrical problem?

By Jonathan Strickland


Even if you see the world through rose-colored glasses, it's best to be prepared for the worst. If your towing setup fails, towing safety cables can prevent disasters on the road.

By Jennifer Horton

Towing has many hazards, but probably the scariest is a breakaway trailer. What happens if your trailer disconnects? Will it stop before it hits something?

By John Fuller

When you step on the brake pedal, you know your tow vehicle is going to stop. But what's going to stop that heavy payload you're towing behind you?

By John Fuller

Controlling a towed payload can be difficult, but towing steering stabilizers can help your towing experience take a turn for the better.

By John Fuller