How Towing Locks Work

For whatever reason, you may need to leave your trailer alone for a while. Towing locks can protect your vehicles from theft when you're away. See more truck pictures.
Andy Reynolds/Getty Images

Most of us have locks on our doors at home. Protecting ourselves and our belongings from harm or theft with good locks is the first and simplest step to take when securing our houses and apartments, and they give us peace of mind when we're at home or away for a short time.

But what if you had to take all of your belongings out on the road? You'd want the same type of protection to keep everything safe, and for essentially the same reasons. If you're towing a trailer full of furniture, for instance, there'll be times when you're in the driver's seat and in control. There may be occasions, though, when you're away from your vehicle and you're faced with two separate problems -- thieves breaking into the trailer and stealing valuables, or, even worse, complete trailer theft, where someone simply unhitches your entire trailer, goods and all, and heads off down the road.

To reassure towers while they're far away from their trucks and trailers, both towing hitch locks and towing coupler locks are available. But what do they look like, and how do they work? Read on to learn about the different types of towing locks and how they're used.