1930-1939 Ford Trucks

By: the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide

1933 Ford Trucks

1933 BB Stake truck

Nineteen thirty-three was a big year for Ford milestones. The company celebrated its 30th anniversary, along with the production of its 21-millionth vehicle. Ford was also a major participant in the "Century of Progress" exposition held in Chicago that year, and Henry Ford proudly opened his Greenfield Village complex in Dearborn. This multifaceted display was his salute to American history and the American way of life in its earlier days.

Note this 1933 BB Stake truck's rounded-off grille and arched headlight bar. Its rear leaf springs are also inverted and centered over the axle in what we'd now call "normal" fashion.


The economy finally began to slowly improve in 1934, and Ford took notice. Read about the Ford trucks of 1934 in the next section.

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