10 Worst Cars of the 20th Century

Kaiser-Frazer Henry J
A 1951 Henry J (Creative Commons/Flickr/DVS1mn)

The Henry J was so terrible it's hardly spoken of anymore, and even then, it's mentioned in sputtering disgust by older, white-haired car guys. This is the kind of car that even 10-year-old boys being taken for privileged rides in the 1950s could pinpoint as awful. The kind of car that got a guy blackballed from a fraternity just for showing up in a Henry J. The car sold was cheap when it debuted in 1950, and it showed. The painted metal dashboard had no glove box, and it would do wonders for your teeth in a fender bender. Not that you'd be going fast enough to do much damage, since the car came with two small-engine options that provided just 68 or 80 horsepower -- if you were feeling frisky. The Henry J couldn't ever go fast enough to outrun its own ugliness, and it was put down after just three years.