10 Worst Cars of the 20th Century

Cadillac Cimarron
The Cadillac Cimarron (Creative Commons/Flickr/aldenjewell)

Here's another selection from the Greatest Hits of Rotten Cars. This time, Cadillac's luxury brand name was losing its luster in the early 1980s. So General Motors figured it would be a good idea to take a Chevy Cavalier, dress it in Cadillac drag and charge twice as much. Now, the Chevy Cavalier was never a great car, but it never pretended to be a great car -- until it became the Cadillac Cimarron. This was not the 1980s movie where the nerd gets a makeover and becomes prom king or queen; oh no, this is more like "Weekend at Bernie's," and the Cavalier is Bernie. And this craptastic Cadillac was supposed to compete with BMWs and Audis? It did not.