10 Notorious Motorcycle Gangs


Black Pistons Motorcycle Club

One of the youngest OMGs to make this list, the Black Pistons Motorcycle Club was just established in 2002. In that short time, the Black Pistons has grown quickly. It not only has 70 chapters in 20 states, but also upwards of 200 members [source: U.S. Office of the Attorney General]. The club also operates in Canada and several European countries, including Germany, the U.K. and Belgium. The Pistons are the official support club for the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, one of the world's largest 1 percenter gangs. In other words, the BPMC are the enforcers for the Outlaws, doing the dirty work that the parent club doesn't want to be associated with. Black Pistons are tasked with dealing drugs and assaulting the Outlaws' enemies [source: U.S. Office of the Attorney General]. The explosive growth of Black Pistons chapters has led to outbreaks of violence and tension with rival gangs. During the summer of 2002, for example, a new Pistons chapter in Portland, Maine attracted contingents from several local gangs to the city. Police worked overtime to tamp down a potential turf war from erupting [source: Hench].