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Other Classic & Collectible Car Manufacturers of the 1900s-1920s

The Studebaker and DeSoto are just two of the 1900s-1920s cars in our Other Classics section. Learn more about them and see photos and read histories of models from this era.

1923-1927 Ford Model T

The 1923-1927 Ford Model T marked the end of a long run for the venerable classic. Ford was facing competition from Chevrolet, which left Ford with no choice but to make improvements to the car. Find out how competition forced Henry Ford to modify the Model T.

1908-1927 Ford Model T

The 1908-1927 Ford Model T cemented America's place as a force in the nascent automotive industry. There are many historians that consider the Model T the most significant car that has ever been produced. Learn about the 1908-1927 Ford Model T. See more »

1907-1926 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

The 1907-1926 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost is hailed by some as the, "Best Car in the World." To this day, this car is the most famous and most desirable antique car in history. Learn about the seminal 1907-1926 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost. See more »

1927 LaSalle

The 1927 LaSalle was attractive, but expensive for the time. The car is unique in that it was the first car in the world that was consciously styled. It couldn't compete with the Cadillac Sixty Series and was canned. Learn about LaSalle. See more »

The 1907 Cadillac Model K was one of the first American cars to win respect from the European automakers. The secret came from the standardized parts, which was literally unheard of at the time. Learn about the 1907 Cadillac Model K. See more »

The 1902 Panhard and Levassor was an early entry to the field of automobiles, but it had a lasting impact. The Panhard rod, which was featured on this car, was famous for locating rear axles in the lateral plane. Learn about the 1902 Panhard and Levassor. See more »

1916-1923 Packard Twin Six

The 1916-1923 Packard Twin Six set the standard of American luxury cars of the day. This car featured a 12-cylinder layout, which improved performance, smoothness and silence. Explore the 1916-1923 Packard Twin Six at HowStuffWorks. See more »

The 1923-1931 Lancia Lambda was the first car to use the innovative unit-body construction still in use today. The design combines the body of the car and the chassis to form a single unit, rather than separate parts. Explore the 1923-1931 Lancia Lambda. See more »

1901 Mercedes 35 HP

The 1901 Mercedes 35 HP is considered by some as the first automobile. The six liter engine seems rather tame by today's standards, but in 1901 this car was a technological marvel. Learn about the 1901 Mercedes 35 HP and its impact on the automotive industry. See more »

1901-1907 Oldsmobile Curved-Dash

The 1901-1907 Oldsmobile Curved-Dash was one of the first blockbuster cars of the new auto era. The car was versatile, available and reliable, which was everything that was needed for cars at the time to become popular. Learn about the 1901-1907 Oldsmobile Curved-Dash. See more »

1911-1915 Mercer Raceabout Model 35-R

The 1911-1915 Mercer Raceabout Model 35-R was a sporty performance car built with speed in mind. This car was part of the brass-age era of car manufacturing, which makes this car highly desirable to collectors. Explore the Mercer Raceabout at HowStuffWorks. See more »