Installing a brake controller usually consists of finding the right place to mount the device and hooking up the right set of wires.


Installing Brake Controllers

Installing a brake controller is a fairly easy task. The first step involves simply mounting the brake controller in an area that is easy to access. Most people choose to place it under the dashboard and directly above your right leg; this keeps the brake controller in view, where you can monitor any potential problems.

Brake controllers typically come with a four-wire configuration, which can be hooked up to the braking system's wiring. The four separate connections are:

  • Trailer feed - supplies brake power to the trailer connector
  • Ground - connects the brake controller to a negative, grounded source
  • Brake switch - the wire that transfers power once the brake pedal is pressed
  • Battery power - supplies power to the brake controller

If you're not comfortable with bundles of wires, you might want to have a trained professional take care of your brake controller installation; however, if you know what you're doing and follow the directions provided by the device's manufacturer, installing a brake controller shouldn't be a problem.

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