Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club
What about daughters of silence? Women and OMGs

The vast majority of outlaw motorcycle gangs ban women as members. This goes back to the very beginning of the clubs, when they were founded as hobby groups for men to escape onto the open roads on the weekends. Women who associate with the clubs are referred to as "old ladies," and are considered property of whatever man they are associated with. In fact, while they're not allowed to wear club colors, they often have patches identifying them as "property of" a particular gang [source: Glod].

Based out of Colorado, and controlling much of the Southwest and Rocky Mountain States, the Sons of Silence Motorcycle Club boasts 30 chapters across the United States and five splinter clubs in Germany. Altogether, the SOSMC is 275 members strong [source: National Gang Intelligence Center]. Founded in the town of Niwot, Colo. in the 1960s, the Sons of Silence have been engaged in a long turf war with rivals like the Outlaws since the beginning [source: Abbott]. The Sons are one of the few 1 percenter clubs to be allied with the Hells Angels, which means they have a lot of enemies for a relatively smaller club [source: Serwer]. They make up for the disadvantage in fire power. In 1999, a huge multi-state raid of Sons of Silence clubhouses in Kansas, Colorado and Arizona uncovered enough weapons to run a small army. Among the confiscated ordnance were dozens of machine guns, pipe bombs and even hand grenades [source: Abbott]. The club knows how to intimidate. Their motto, incorrectly translated into Latin in their colors, is "Until Death Separates Us" [source: Serwer].