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Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau
The ritziest 1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was this Landau model.

The 1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, Chevrolet's hot-selling personal-luxury coupe, gained a new eggcrate-patterned grille and bigger parking lights as part of refined front and rear styling.

Overall length grew by three inches. Most popular Monte of the year was the "S," which now served as the base model. The posh, vinyl-topped Landau also remained on the market, but those were the only two choices.

The Monte Carlo's base engine again developed 145 horsepower, while the top 454-cubic-inch V-8 stuck with 245 horses. A 180-horsepower rendition of Chevrolet's 400-cubic-inch V-8 also was available.

Manually operated swing-out Strato-bucket seats might be installed, as could a new power-operated sliding steel Skyroof, which cost $325. The radial-tuned suspension system earned some refinements.

"Its elegance is basic," the sales brochure explained. "From the ground up," Monte Carlo was "a car you can be proud of." A new bright-framed, color-keyed instrument cluster was installed. The Landau coupe added a vinyl half-roof along with body accent striping, sport mirrors, Turbine II wheels, and "discriminating" crests.

Options included electric door locks, power trunk opener, power windows, console, Comfortilt steering wheel -- and a child safety seat named the "Love Seat."

1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Landau rear
The 1974 Monte Carlo Landau was
instantly recognizable by its vinyl roof.

1974 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Facts

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Monte Carlo

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