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Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
The 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo was Chevy's first "personal-luxury" model.

The 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, an all-new "personal-luxury" coupe, was billed as "a fine car at a Chevrolet price." Stylish and luxurious, the Monte rode a modified 116-inch Chevelle sedan platform but showed little kinship with mid-size Chevrolets -- except at the front, which used two headlights instead of the Chevelle's four -- and was intended as a rival to Ford's Thunderbird.

Long-hood/short-deck styling was sleek and well proportioned despite the car's ample 205-inch length. Monte Carlo's near-classic profile was enhanced by rear fender skirts, and its six-foot hood was the longest ever installed on a Chevrolet.

Plush interiors held an instrument panel with round gauges and simulated burled elm. Drivers faced more than 25 "skillfully grouped" lights, switches, and buttons.

Monte Carlos were offered only with V-8 power: a 250-horsepower 350-cubic-inch engine was standard, with the option of a 300-horsepower 350, a 265-horsepower Turbo-Fire 400 or, for just $111, a 330-horsepower 400.

Every 1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo had power front disc brakes, concealed wipers, low-profile 15-inch tires, full wheel covers, Astro Ventilation, and an electric clock. Like most Chevrolets, they could be impressively personalized by scrutinizing the options list, perhaps starting with a vinyl top in five available colors.

Performance buffs weren't forgotten in the rush toward luxury. The Monte Carlo SS came with a load of tempting gear, including a new, rather aggressive 360-horsepower 454-cubic-inch V-8 with dual exhaust system, automatic level control, G70 wide-oval tires on 15x7 wheels, and discreet identification.

Furthermore, the potent 450-horsepower LS-6 version of the 454 was optional, making an SS -- as the brochure stated -- "a very deceptive car."

"Solid gentlemanly comfort without bombast," one ad promised Monte Carlo buyers. The sales brochure called it "a car without pretense" that "pampers you without overdoing it."

Starting at $3,123, it was quite a handsome and tempting machine. In its opening season, Monte Carlos outsold Thunderbirds by a mile. Of 130,657 Montes built, 3823 had the SS 454 package.

1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
The 1970 Monte Carlo was a combination of luxury and performance.

1970 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Facts

Weight (lbs.)
Price (new)
Number built
Monte Carlo3,460$3,123130,657

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