1990s NASCAR Season Recaps

1990s NASCAR season recaps include highlights and statistics of NASCAR races during the 1990s. Learn more on the 1990s NASCAR Season Recaps Channel.

The veteran drivers were challenged in 1990 by a new group of younger competitors eager to win the title. The 1990 NASCAR Winston Cup championship featured a close battle between Dale Earnhardt and Mark Martin. See all 1990 NASCAR race results here.

The championship was a virtual lock for Earnhardt after taking the lead in the points standing in early May. The 1991 NASCAR Winston Cup championship went to Dale Earnhardt the fifth in his career. See all race results from the 1991 NASCAR season here.

Dale Jarrett earned his first Winston Cup championship in the 1999 NASCAR season. Tony Stewart made his debut in the Winston Cup series and quickly made a name for himself with three wins. See how the others fared with our 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

Rusty Wallace and Dale Earnhardt battled for dominance in 1994, but Earnhardt reigned supreme. Even though Wallace won twice as many races, Earnhardt's consistency paid off. Get details with our 1994 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

In his third season, young NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon became a first-time Winston Cup champion. Gordon battled seasoned veterans to win the championship by 34 points. Review the season's races with our 1995 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

Although Jeff Gordon had a great season, Terry Labonte came away with the 1996 Winston Cup. Labonte posted the same number of top five and top ten finishes as Gordon, but he prevailed by 39 points. Relive the races with our 1996 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

Jeff Gordon proved victorious again in the 1997 NASCAR Winston Cup season, racking up ten wins, including the Daytona 500. Get details on each of the races with our 1997 NASCAR Winston Cup results.

Jeff Gordon logged 13 wins in the 1998 NASCAR Winston Cup season to tie Richard Petty's record. But the story of the season happened when Dale Earnhardt finally won the Daytona 500 after 20 attempts.

This season was marked with the loss of NASCAR founder Bill France when he died at the age of 82. In the end, the 1992 NASCAR Winston Cup season ended with Alan Kulwicki's first-time win. Review the season race by race with our 1992 NASCAR results.

Even Rusty Wallace's late-season rally could not beat Dale Earnhardt's dominance in 1993. Tragedy struck the NASCAR world this season when Alan Kulwicki, the previous year's winner, died in a plane crash. Review all the results for the 1993 NASCAR Winston Cup season.

The 1990 NASCAR Winston Cup season was energized by a group of new young drivers. Get all the details on these events and more from the 1990 NASCAR season -- as well as the final standings in this 1990 NASCAR Winston Cup highlights.

The 1998 NASCAR season was the 50th anniversary of the sport and the 40th Daytona 500. Experience the excitement again with our 1998 NASCAR Winston Cup recap which features several pictures of 1998 racing events.

Dale Jarrett won the Winston Cup championship after a long three-way point battle. There were also more eyes on the NASCAR Winston Cup series racetracks than ever before as television ratings soared. Learn more with our 1999 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

A broader audience began to notice NASCAR's 1995 season and a new champ was crowned. Relive the season's top moments -- and an assortment of 1995 NASCAR pictures -- with our 1995 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

NASCAR expanded into New York City offices in 1996 and two Chevrolets battled for victory. Get the play-by-play on the NASCAR season, and see highlight pictures, with our 1996 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

Jeff Gordon began a run of headline-catching races at the 1997 Daytona 500. Gordon had plenty of victories left for the 1998 NASCAR season as well. Review the 1997 season race by race with our 1997 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

The 1993 NASCAR Winston Cup season offered plenty of excitement but was also touched with tragedy. Relive the season's highlights, including the final standings and see photos of the action with our 1993 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

Dale Earnhardt and Rusty Wallace battled for NASCAR victory in 1994. Veteran driver Neil Bonnett lost his life during practice for the Daytona 500. Relive races and find out the champion with our 1994 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

NASCAR's 1992 Winston Cup season saw the death of founder Bill France and a close exciting race. Learn more about the stars of this NASCAR Winston Cup season -- and see photos from several of 1992's top events in our 1992 NASCAR Winston Cup Recap.

NASCAR's 1991 season offered a close race with a Dale Earnhardt victory to claim the Winston Cup. Get all the details on these events and more from the 1991 NASCAR season -- as well as the final standings in this 1991 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.