1970s NASCAR Season Recaps

1970s NASCAR season recaps include highlights and statistics of NASCAR races during the 1970s. Learn more on the 1970s NASCAR Season Recaps Channel.

In 1973, David Pearson had a record-breaking year, winning 11 races during the course of the NASCAR season. Get the results from all 28 races of the year.

Despite a fuel shortage, the 1974 NASCAR Winston Cup season delivered plenty of thrills. NASCAR made the decision that year to shorten the length of every race by 10 percent. Get the results of all 30 races of the 1974 NASCAR season.

The 1975 NASCAR Winston Cup season saw Richard Petty win 13 races and his sixth championship. Every car used the same size engine this year in order to increase competition and create a level playing field. Get the results of all 30 races from the 1975 season.

The 1970 NASCAR Grand National season was exciting despite the introduction of restrictor plates. Higher speeds brought greater risks to the drivers causing NASCAR to mandate the plates. Get the results from each race of the 1970 season.

The 1971 NASCAR Winston Cup season was the first year for the new Winston sponsor. This season would also mark the last time NASCAR would use a schedule that featured more than 40 races. See the results from the 48 races of the 1971 season.

The 1972 NASCAR Winston Cup season had leaner meaner schedule of 31 races. The Winston Cup schedule eliminated all of the shorter races that consisted of 100 and 125 miles in total duration. See the complete results for the 1972 NASCAR season.

The 1976 NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National featured some spectacular finishes. At the Daytona 500 Richard Petty and David Pearson battled for the lead on the last lap only to wreck in Turn 4. See all race results for the 1976 NASCAR Winston Cup series.

Richard Petty set a record in the 1977 NASCAR season for winning at least one race every year for 18 years. The 1977 Winston Cup season was dominated by driver Cale Yarborough. See the results from all 30 races in the 1977 NASCAR Winston Cup series.

Television rating were steadily climbing and ABC Sports decided to broadcast the Daytona 500 live for the fifth time. The 1978 NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National title went to Cale Yarborough for the third straight year. See all race results for the 1978 NASCAR here.

The 1979 NASCAR Winston Cup Grand National series showcased champion Darrell Waltrip and rookie Dale Earnhardt. The Daytona 500 ended with a fist fight after Cale Yarborough and Donnie Allison wrecked each other on the last lap. See the 1979 NASCAR results here.

The 1978 NASCAR Winston Cup season was filled with impressive races including the hotly contested Talladega 500. Check out the season highlights, final standings, and, of course, plenty of pictures of the action.

The 1979 NASCAR Winston Cup season was ultra-competitive racing with some on-field fights thrown in for good measure. A record qualifying speed of 196.049 mph broke the old top speed record. Follow the season highlights from 1979.

In 1971 NASCAR lost auto-factory support but gained sponsorship from R.J. Reynolds Co. The lightly funded independent drivers staged a mini-boycott of the 100-mile Winston Cup Grand National race. See the newly-renamed 1971 NASCAR Winston Cup recap.

The explosive battle between Richard Petty and Bobby Allison set the tone of the 1972 NASCAR Winston Cup season. Explore the 1972 season in this recap, including highlights, photos, and the full standings that were left when the dust cleared.

Though the 1973 NASCAR Winston Cup season was as exciting as ever the real surprise was the year's upset winner Benny Parsons. Read about the 1973 NASCAR season, including highlights, photos, and full standings.

The 1974 NASCAR Winston Cup race schedule was deeply affected by the OPEC oil embargo. NASCAR also continued to move toward the use of smaller engines, and made several rule changes. Get a full recap of the 1974 season's highlights.

A new points system and uniform engine sizes leveled the playing field for the 1975 NASCAR Winston Cup season. With a standard set of rules, stability had gained a foothold within the NASCAR kingdom. Get the full recap here.

The 1976 NASCAR Winston Cup tour was exciting filled with thrills skids and action. The season was filled with triumph as NASCAR also welcomed female driver Janet Guthrie. Get the full recap of the season's highlights here.

The 1977 NASCAR Winston Cup season came at a high point for fans and at-home viewers. Learn more about this banner year, including the season's highlights, final standings, and view plenty of pictures.

The 1970 NASCAR Grand National tour provided plenty of thrills despite funding cuts by auto factories and driver tensions over safety. Even with behind-the-scenes friction, the 1970 NASCAR tour produced many great moments. Learn more.