1940s NASCAR season recaps include highlights and statistics of NASCAR races during the 1940s. Learn more on the 1940s NASCAR Season Recaps Channel.

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1949 NASCAR Strictly Stock Results

The first strictly stock NASCAR race at Charlotte Speedway was so popular that 7 more races were planned for the remainder of the season. The races were filled with new, postwar automobiles. See the results for the first NASCAR strictly stock season.

1948 NASCAR Modified Results

Who were the big winners for NASCAR's first season? See the results of the 52 races that make up the first official year of NASCAR. The first modifiedseason of NASCAR contained the same drama and excitement that we see in NASCAR today.

1947 NASCAR Recap

Visionary Bill France saw the potential of a unified, organized racing series and created the NCSCC in 1947. This eventually transformed into NASCAR as we know it today. Here is a quick 1947 recap of events in NASCAR history.

1949 NASCAR Strictly Stock Recap

Bill France's idea of a circuit for late-model American cars led to the creation of the Strictly Stock NASCAR season. Here is a quick recap of the biggest highlights of the 1949 season.

1948 NASCAR Modified Recap

The first official NASCAR-sanctioned stock car racing event took place in 1948. The season was full of wrecks, drama, and flair. Find out about all the great moments of the first year of Nascar in this quick recap of the 1948 modified season.