How the United States Auto Club Works

Mission of the United States Auto Club


­T­he purpose and mission of the United States Auto Club is to develop racing rules and specifications, enforce those rules and specifications via trained officials, and create and organize the racing framework for racing participants and those who organize the races [source: INSMKT].

Each series governed by the USAC has its own rules and specifications designed with safety in mind. The rules set out by the USAC define inspection procedures, as well as qualification procedures, order and general race procedures.

The official USAC Rule Book also lays out the guidelines for complete design and construction of the car, fire equipment and prevention, safety equipment, car numbers, names and crew and personnel appearance. It defines penalties, fines, lap penalties, forfeitures, disqualifications, exclusions and suspensions as well.

If you can't recall a rule or regulation before preparing for your next race, there's no need to worry. The rule book for each division is available to racers and can be found online at each division's "owners garage" section of the USAC Web site.

Since the formation of the USAC, some pretty popular faces have graced its ranks. If you'd like the opportunity to meet automobile racing stars, go to the next section to learn about membership and the benefits you'll receive. Get your cameras and signing pens ready!