RV Towing

RV towing is sometimes referred to as dinghy towing. Most of the time, RVs tow cars behind them, but they are capable of towing other things as well. Learn all about RV towing to ensure a fun and safe cross-country journey.

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It's no secret that most RVs are big. Obviously, some RVs are much bigger than others, but regardless of size, what happens when you add the extra weight and length of another vehicle or even a trailer behind an RV?

By Christopher Lampton

There's nothing like hitting the wide open road and exploring the country, particularly when your ride sports a cushy crash pad when you're making a 3,000-mile pilgrimage to the Grand Canyon. But what are the drawbacks?

By Josh Clark

You can't wait to head out on that fishing trip in your RV, but you need to figure out some things first. Do you have enough insurance? Do you know the towing laws in each state you'll be driving through?

By Josh Clark


There are many different types of vehicles that fall under the umbrella term recreational vehicle. Some of them hitch to your car, while others stand on their own. So how do you know which hitch to pick and which to ditch?

By Jessika Toothman