How Motorcycle Towing Trailers Work

Two-Wheel Motorcycle Towing Trailers

motorcycle towing trailer
Don't care to drive those bikes through the forest? The two-wheel motorcycle towing trailer may save the day.
Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Sure, flatbed trailers are versatile, but if you're certain that all you'll ever need to tow is a motorcycle or two, then two-wheel motorcycle towing trailers may be more your speed. Some of the smaller models are even foldable. When not in use, they can occupy a corner of your garage instead of, say, most of your driveway.

The basic two-wheel motorcycle towing trailer design takes the properties that make flatbed motorcycle towing work and strips them down to the bare necessities. Most feature two trailer wheels on an axle, a ramp, a trailer hitch and one or more motorcycle rails to hold the bike or bikes in place. Many models don't feature anything resembling a trailer bed, while others have flat surface areas with wheel cradles mounted at the front.


Manufacturers recognize that motorcycle enthusiasts have different varieties and quantities of bikes that need towing. As such, you can find various sizes aimed at everything from small dirt bikes to the most massive, custom choppers. Just make sure that the trailer's weight and size specifications meet the demands of your intended payload.

Most two-wheel motorcycle towing trailers feature a fold-down stand or dolly wheel, either of which provides stability and balance when detached from a vehicle. In addition, some trailers actually feature two sets of wheels, with the axles positioned close together near the center of the trailer. These work along the same lines as their two-wheel counterparts, only with twice as many wheels to bear the weight of heavier loads.

But maybe you're not looking to add any more tires to the mix. On the next page, we'll look at ways you can get by with just one or even zero towing wheels.