How the Gibbs Aquada Works

Bringing the Aquada to Market

Photo courtesy Gibbs Aquada

­The Aquada is an expensive leisure vehicle at £150,000 (about $295,110). Its curren­t price makes it more expensive then all but a few cars in the world. Jenkins concedes that the Aquada is an exclusive vehicle that will appeal to a niche market for the next year or two.

For approximately the price of an Aquada, you could also buy one of the following luxury sports cars:

  • Lamborghini Murciélago ($273,000/ about £138,762)
  • Aston Martin Vanquish ($228,000/about £115,889)
  • Ferrari 575 M Maranello ($215,000/about £109,281)
  • Porsche GT2 ($180,665/about £91,829)

*Source of prices: Forbes magazine

"We're not out to compete with Porsche or Ferrari, because you can have more fun with the Aquada on a bit of water than you can in a 40-acre car park with a Ferrari," says Jenkins.

Gibbs' long-term plan is focused on licensing the patented HSA technology to automotive manufacturers, who would integrate it into their vehicle designs.

"Our aim is in five, six, 10 years time, you'll be able to go out and purchase your normal vehicle from a normal showroom, and one of the options that you might have on the options list is High-Speed Amphibian technology," says Jenkins.

Photo courtesy Gibbs Aquada

In the meantime, Gibbs is selling the Aquada. Gibbs is now in the process of getting the amphibian on the road. It is already legal for road and water use in Europe, where the European Recreational Craft Directive classifies it as a passenger-car vehicle and a Category D watercraft.

Drivers need a road license and a water license, and England requires a Ministry of Transport (MOT) certificate every year from the vehicle's third birthday. The Aquada is not yet legal in the United States, where it still faces Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concerns.