How an Air-cooled Engine Works

Author's Note

While I was reading about air-cooled engines I came across a lot of Web sites with tons of air-cooled engine fans. I've been writing about cars for years now, but I'm always amazed at the niche groups that are out there for almost any type of automotive category. If you like a specific type of engine in a certain type of car you're almost guaranteed to find a group of people who have already formed a club around it.

Although air-cooled engines have been around a long time, I've never really thought much about them -- so I enjoyed researching a type of engine that's somewhat hard to find in an automobile these days. It's always interesting to see how engines have evolved over time. We add and replace systems in order to create the most efficient and long-lasting engine that we can; but in the end, they all basically function in the same way, with the same basic principles.

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