1970s Corvettes

The 1970s Corvettes Channel covers the top Corvette models of the decade. See pictures and view what's under the hoods of 1970s Corvettes.


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1977 Corvette

The 1977 Corvette was one of the few American performance cars still left one reason yet another Corvette sales record was set that year. The car would enter its 25th year in 1978. Learn more.

1978 Corvette

The 1978 Corvette honored its 25th anniversary by offering a special silver paint job for a mere $399. Silver Anniversary badges were also added to the exterior. Learn more the return of the Corvette fastback.

1979 Corvette

The 1979 Corvette continued to impress buyers with its solid speed and added features such as a standard AM/FM radio. Front and rear spoilers were also a new option. Learn more about this classic sports car.

1970 Corvette

The 1970 Corvette was a small seller due to an abbreviated model year, yet GM managed to improve the design. Cosmetic changes for the abbreviated 1970 model year were slight. Learn about this classic Corvette.

1974 Corvette

The 1974 Corvette defied the odds by selling at or near its best-ever levels. It also marked a new high for luxury with plenty of creature comforts and far greater reliability. Find photos and specifications for the Corvette.

1975 Corvette

The 1975 Corvette offered few changes from the previous year but that didn't seem to bother buyers as sales continued to rise. The only physical change was a pair of small extrusions with black pads for each bumper. Learn about this car.

1976 Corvette

The 1976 Corvette broke the long-standing sales record held by Chevy's '69 model. Higher performance and nicer styling contributed to the higher sales. Find specifications and more on the 1976 Corvette in this article.