1964-1965 Buick Skylark & Gran Sport

The compact Buick Skylark grew to mid-size dimensions for 1964, and engines followed suit. Standard was a 155 bhp 225-cid V-6; optional was a cast-iron V-8 of 300 cid with 210/250 bhp. See more classic car pictures.
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Buick Skylarks of compact dimensions sold quite well from 1961-1963. Nevertheless, the 1964-1965 Buick Skylark and Gran Sport added some inches, competing in the mid-size rather than the compact league.

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The new A-bodies were larger, stretching nearly a foot farther overall. Yet they were similar in slab-sided appearance to the 1963 evolution of the original design, which had already deleted the deep sculpture lines that gave it such a unique look.

The same basic body, with its conventional straight-up silhouette atop a 115-inch wheelbase, also went on the new Chevrolet Chevelle.

Two new engines went under Skylark (and Special) hoods: a standard 225-cid Fireball V-6 that cranked out an impressive 155 horsepower; and a new 300-cid V-8 that delivered 210 bhp with a two-barrel carb, 250 with a four-barrel and tight 11:1 compression.

That kind of extra power cost only $71 and $93 extra, respectively. Either a four-speed manual shifter or Super Turbine 300 automatic could replace the standard three-speed.

Leather-grained vinyl front bucket seats and console were optional in the sport coupe. Skylarks had bigger brakes with finned cast-iron drums, a new front suspension, and a step-on parking brake like their big brothers. Tires grew to 14-inch size. Skylark's sport coupe went for $2,669, while a convertible set a buyer back $2,823.

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