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1920-1929 Ford Trucks

1928 and 1929 Ford Trucks

1928 Ford Model A

More stylish than the Model Ts and TTs they replaced, the new Ford Model A cars and Ford Model AA trucks came with more standard equipment, a more powerful engine, and an easier-to-use transmission. So advanced and price-competitive were these vehicles that they became the hit of the 1928 model year.

Ford replaced the venerable Model T in 1928 with the completely new Model A. Like its predecessor, the A formed the basis for a truck chassis, the AA, which was rated at 11/2 tons vs. 1 ton for the Model TT. The company's first panel-truck bodies also arrived that year and could be fitted to either the A or AA chassis; it's shown here on the former.


Ford Model A closed-cab pickup truck

Among the Ford Model A truck offerings was this closed-cab pickup. Both the A and AA carried a 200-cubic-inch four-cylinder engine producing 40 horsepower -- twice that of the Model T's 177-cid four -- along with a sliding-gear three-speed transmission.

Ford trumped the industry again in 1929 when it introduced a new factory-built light-duty model: the wood-bodied Station Wagon.

But few events -- automotive or otherwise -- could match what was about to take place. For on October 29, thereafter referred to as "Black Tuesday," the nation's financial well-being would be dealt a serious blow as the stock market began to crash, triggering the Great Depression.


1929 Ford Model B

As might be expected, the 1929 Model B changed little after its 1928 redesign -- and it didn't need to; for the first time in three years, Ford topped Chevrolet in sales. This closed-cab pickup sold for $475.


Ford Model A open-cab pickup truck

For about $30 less, buyers could get a Ford Model A pickup with an open cab.

With its innovations and ideas, Ford made a lasting impact on the automotive world during the 1920s. As the nation entered the Great Depression, Ford trucks and Ford cars would continue to innovate, offering the nation's car buyers a quality product at a quality price.

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