1920-1929 Ford Trucks

1924 Ford Trucks

Ford's "Open Cab" truck cab

Ford trucks underwent important changes in 1924. Prior to 1924, Henry Ford sold his Model TT trucks as rolling chassis, leaving the body business to aftermarket companies. This attitude changed that year when Ford's first factory-catalogued truck was offered as the Model TT with Express (pickup) Body.

Ford's first truck cab, called (appropriately) the Open Cab, appeared in 1924, featuring a slanted windshield and C-shaped side openings. It's fitted here to a Model TT one-ton chassis.


Ford Model T chassis with fuel tank

For light-duty use, a Model T chassis was still available. Note the oval-shaped fuel tank that was fitted to Model Ts beginning in the early 1920s.

Ford Model TT with Open Cab and Express Body pickup bed

A Model TT with Open Cab hosts a new-for-1924 Express Body pickup bed -- Ford's first truck bed. This example is fitted with canopy top, screens, and side curtains.

Ford Model T with canopy top and wood panel body

A canopy top covers the wood-panel body of this Ford Model T passenger vehicle. The side-mounted spare tire is fitted to a demountable rim.

1924 Ford Model T with panel body

A 1924 Model T with panel body shows off that year's styling changes, which included a taller radiator and hood. It was owned by the Pioneer Tea Co. of Detroit.

Ford truck bodies again evolved in 1925. Read about 1925 Ford trucks in the next section.

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