10 Worst Cars of the 20th Century

Yugo GV
The Yugo GV (Creative Commons/Flickr/MSVG)

It's not easy to decide which of Malcolm Bricklin's automotive visitations was worse: The Bricklin SV1, a Canadian-built gull-winged sports car that routinely trapped its occupants inside, or the Yugo GV. Bricklin didn't invent the Yugo, but in 1985 he did begin importing these super-cheap cars from the Soviet satellite state of Yugoslavia in an apparent attempt to make Americans prefer walking. There wasn't a single part of these little tin-can cars that the American people could actually get behind, from the engine to the electrical system to the build quality -- unless you counted getting behind the entire car in order to push it to the side of the street after it inevitably died.

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