10 Fastest Cars in the World

McLaren F1: 240 miles per hour (386.2 kilometers per hour)
The McLaren F1 (Courtesy of McLaren Automotive Limited)

When the McLaren F1 was introduced, it had an official top speed of 231 miles per hour (371.8 kilometers per hour), but that upper limit has been pushed a little higher since then. McLaren Automotive, the British automaker, introduced the F1 coupe in 1992, released the first production models for sale in 1994, and canceled it in 1998. However, it still holds its place among the fastest cars in the world more than 20 years after its introduction and more than 15 years after the last examples left the factory.

The McLaren F1 quickly became known not only for its speed, but for its unique cockpit layout. The driver is positioned center and forward of the car's two passenger seats, offering an exclusive vantage point. Powered by a BMW-sourced, 6.1-liter V-12 engine, the McLaren F1 provided something different to buyers looking for a sports car that stood away from the pack, and the car's design has stood the test of time.