10 Fastest Cars in the World

Zenvo ST1: 233 miles per hour (375 kilometers per hour)
The Zenvo ST1 (Courtesy of Zenvo Automotive)

What's the most powerful toy to come out of Denmark in recent memory? If you guessed LEGO bricks, you're not even close. This plaything is definitely unsuitable for the kids. Zenvo's carbon fiber ST1, introduced in 2009, is equipped with a 7-liter, V-8 engine that puts 1,250 ponies to the rear wheels. Zenvo wins points for exclusivity, too: Parts are jaw-droppingly expensive, and any extensive repairs require the car to be shipped back to the homeland. Just three examples of the 15-car production run were allocated to the United States, prompting a rush for the privilege of paying the base price of $1.8 million. That would buy a lot of plastic building blocks.