Stay Cool

Taking certain cooling precautions, like checking your radiator or adding the right type of coolant, will give your towing vehicle better performance.

Diane Macdonald/Getty Images

By adding more weight to your vehicle when towing, you're making its drivetrain do a lot of extra work. Extra weight leads to extra heat under the hood, which can add strain to your transmission and wear it out too quickly.

Adding a transmission cooler, especially if your tow vehicle is an automatic, will significantly reduce the temperature of the oil circulating through your vehicle's transmission. Also, simply adding a higher-capacity radiator or installing an additional cooling fan will help save you money in the long run on expensive repairs to worn-out systems.

What's one of the best tips to consider before heading out on a towing trip? As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. To read about early precautions to take and ways to improve your towing skills, see the next page.