Slow Down!

Dr. Robert Goddard, one of the fathers of modern rocketry, tows a rocket to its launch site 15 miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico. Dr. Goddard most likely knew the importance of keeping speed to a minimum.

NASA/Science Faction/Getty Images

Sometimes we all feel the need for speed. Pressing our foot down on the gas pedal and feeling the car accelerate can give us a natural rush. Those of us who've ridden in fast, powerful sports cars probably remember the feeling. When it comes to towing, however, excess speed is the last thing you need to feel.

With the added weight and length of a towed vehicle, the faster you travel, the more dangerous things will get. Increasing your speed will increase the amount of trailer sway behind you and make it much harder to stop quickly without the risk of fishtailing or even flipping. Speed also makes it more difficult to maneuver in traffic. Staying cautious and aware is the best way to ensure a safe trip while towing -- so, slow down!

The hitch is one of the most important elements in towing, and choosing the right one matters. See the next page to read about hitches and towing.