Routine Tire Maintenance

Checking tire tread and inflation often will make for a better ride and save you any trouble along the road.

Paul Sutherland/Getty Images

Checking your tires is a smart thing to do in any situation. Like other automotive components, tires wear down and need continual maintenance and replacement. Ignoring tires is especially dangerous since a flat can either leave you stranded or cause an accident.

It's just as important, if not more so, to closely monitor your tires when towing -- aside from worrying about the tow vehicle itself, you also have to keep in mind the extra sets of wheels belonging to the towed vehicle. You should keep the tires properly inflated, following the manufacturer's guidelines. Tires that are over or underinflated will create trailer sway, so make sure you add the right amount of air pressure. It's also a good idea to check your lug nuts to make sure they're secure.

Proper tire inflation will help you stop safely when you apply the brakes, which brings us to our next towing tip. Don't stop now, read on to the next page.