Practice Makes Perfect

Simply practicing before taking your stuff out on the road will make you more confident and give you a better feel of handling, reducing most risk of an accident.

Tim McCaig/iStockphoto.com

Before heading out onto the road and surrounding yourself with angry drivers and tractor-trailer trucks, the best thing you can do to ensure a safe towing trip is to practice driving.

Choose an area that's far away from traffic, like an empty parking lot, and perform simple driving tasks with everything hitched up. Try backing up and using your mirrors, and pay close attention to the vehicle's turning radius. Learn to accelerate and brake slowly on longer stretches of road -- remember, the more weight you're carrying, the longer it's going to take to slow down.

Once you have the perfect tow vehicle and all the right equipment, sticking to these few simple tips can turn a bumpy ride into an easygoing one. To learn more about towing and towing essentials, see the next page.