"Play 'Misty' for me."

A sign on the window of a Volvo V70R indicates the vehicle's audio system is wired to accept a driver's iPod portable music player.

Jonathan Fickies/Getty Images

This isn't a feature of your car so much as it's a feature of recent model iPods and iPhone's from Apple, Inc., but if you have Bluetooth integration or an iPod dock, you can tell the iPod/iPhone what album or artist to play. It hasn't reached the point yet where you can ask for an individual song -- for that you should use your Bluetooth integration to call in a request to a DJ at a local radio station. But if you find that driving goes better with The Rolling Stones or Lady Gaga, you don't have to distract yourself dialing through a menu of playlists (or, worse yet, digging through a hopelessly old-fashioned stack of compact discs).