WaterCar Python

The Python, just one of WaterCar's amphibious vehicle designs, is a hot rod on the water and a hot rod on the street, too, thanks to its powerful Corvette engine.

Courtesy of WaterCar

Southern California-based WaterCar is far from the first outfit to make a road-going vehicle that also handles competently in water. But the firm can make a credible claim to being the most exciting.

With the tagline of "World's Fastest Amphibious Vehicles," WaterCar has made a big splash on the presumably small market of individuals who'd rather drive their boat to its next date on the waves than tow it -- and are willing to fork over $200,000 for the privilege.

WaterCar initially drew attention with its Chevy Camaro-esque body, built to smoothly switch modes from car to powerboat as soon as it left the launch ramp.

More recently, WaterCar turned to a few custom designs to carry on its brand.

The sportiest version, the Python, combines a custom fiberglass truck body with the buoyancy of a boat. You can drive it right into the water and transition directly to powerboat mode. WaterCar claims the Python can do 60 miles per hour (96.6 kilometers per hour, or 52.1 knots) in the water with its LS1 Corvette engine, and more than 125 miles per hour (201.2 kilometers per hour) on land.

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